November 20 - The day was hectic but fun as we moved my sculpture triptych, 'Celebration of Life' series - " Tropic Colors ", from the Charest-Weinberg Gallery to Sculpt-Miami, the annual art fair held in December at Art Rouge Gallery and gardens in conjunction with Art Basel- Miami. Steven Davis, Dimitri, and Mark were great to do most all the heavy lifting. I held the elevator doors open.. haaaa

We delivered six sculptures today. Three are inside Art Rouge Gallery and three are in the garden area. A huge tent was set up for more gallery space. Two of my smaller sculptures are included there.

Artrougegallery site ofsculptmiamiartbasel
Artrougesculptmiamijkmoutdoorinstallation view1
Artrougesculptmiamijkmoutdoorinstallation view2
Artrougesculptmiamijkmoutdoorinstallation view3
Artrougesculptmiamijkmoutdoorinstallation view4
Artrougesculptmiamijkmoutdoorinstallation view5
Img 0597
Artrougesculptmiamijkm view1
Artrougesculptmiamijkm view2
Artrougesculptmiamijkm view3
Artrougesculptmiamijkm view4

'Color Play' series - "Leaving White" - Solo installation in the garden of The Studios of Key West. When Lauren McAloon, Eric Holowacz, and Martha Barnes, the curators at TSKW, invited me to install sculptures in their garden, I sat on the benches there and visualized a multi-element presentation of colored spheres leaving and floating away from a large white sphere. The sum of all colors equals white. For humans to enjoy color it must be reflected through our color spectrum of light. 'Color Play - Leaving White' is the physical expression of this phenomenal gift for the viewer to contemplate while visiting this garden sanctuary. To see this installation come to fruition, as if floating through the space, and so enjoyed by the community, was a wonderful experience. It remained in the gardens until the end of May.

Tskwinstallation 1 studioview
Tskwinstallation 2 studioview
Tskwinstallation 3 studioview
Tskwinstallation 4 gardenview
Tskwinstallation 5 gardenview
Tskwinstallation 6 gardenview
Tskwinstallation 7 gardenview
Tskwinstallation 8 colorplay leavingwhite gardenview
Tskwinstallation 9 colorplay leavingwhite gardenview
Tskwinstallation 10 colorplay leavingwhite gardenview
Tskwinstallation 11 colorplay leavingwhite gardenview
Tskwinstallation 12 colorplay leavingwhite gardenview
Tskwinstallation 13 colorplay leavingwhite gardenview
Tskwinstallation 14 colorplay leavingwhite gardenview
Tskwinstallation 15 colorplay leavingwhite gardenview
Tskwinstallation 16 colorplay leavingwhite detailview
Tskwinstallation 17 colorplay leavingwhite detailview
Tskwinstallation 18 colorplay leavingwhite detailview
Tskwinstallation 19 colorplay leavingwhite detailview
Tskw jmartin memoryofbluebirdsstudio
Tskw memoryofbluebirdsdetail
Tskw memoryofbluebirdstskw
Martin12 2

September/October 2008 - 'La Danse de la Vie' - Virginia Tech School of the Visual Arts, Blacksburg, Va.

Museum Studies students of Professor Deborah Sim, Curator/Director of Art for the Armory Art Gallery, Virginia Tech School of the Visual Arts, had quite a challenge in exhibition design while installing my work into the gallery. They also created banners and posters for the show.

Vtinstallation a
Vtinstallation b
Vtinstallation c
Vtinstallation d
Vtinstallation e
Vtinstallation f
Vtinstallation g
Vtinstallation h
Vtinstallation i
Vtinstallation j
Vtinstallation k
Vtinstallation l
Yellowgreengarnetorange vtinstallation
Lichengreentealaqua vtinstallation
Turquoisegarnetyellowgreen vtinstallation

“Each time I cross the Seven Mile Bridge, I am fascinated with the older section of pillars on the old, abandoned bridge (Gulf side) near Veteran's Beach. Through my experience connecting art and science in my paintings, I recognize Nature at work on these pillars. Physical material reactions to the elements and harsh conditions surrounding the bridge environment set up a situation where Nature creates her own paintings on these concrete buttresses. The oxidation of materials, salt affects, storms, heat, water, multiple events are Nature's paintbrush.

I have photographed each pillar, selected painterly interesting areas and cropped the images to create archival inkjet prints upon which I painted minimal additions with organic media in order to “paint with Nature”, recovering a collage of materials left on the surfaces, but rarely seen.

Bridges critically connect our citizens and all the Keys communities and beyond. My vision is to reach throughout the Keys and make everyone more conscious of the beauty and history of these bridges as presented to us by Nature.. Nature that exists for us in such a delicate balance for survival that we become more aware of each day.”

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10 rescaled 29
Foremail naturepainting paintingnatureexhibit img 0735
Foremail naturepainting paintingnatureexhibit img 0728
Foremail naturepainting paintingnatureexhibit img 0732
Img 1366
Img 0766
Img 1367
Img 1368
Img 1371

Art + Healing + History + Art Exhibition by invitation. Showing with Purvis Young, Howard Finster, and others. AHHA exhibition at Virginia Tech Armory Art Gallery and Yellow Sulphur Springs Resort, Blacksburg, VA.

Img 0970
Rescaled continuityinspace img 0910
Img 0911
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Img 0985
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