“Jewels From Wilma- Florida Keys Water 'Frozen' in Time” macquette for Sculpture Key West 2012-2013 exhibition

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Jewels From Wilma
Mixed Media

The simplicity of my glass installation for Sculpture Key West -2012, “Jewels From Wilma- Florida Keys Water 'Frozen' in Time”, lying in a large pile as I found it beside the road on Grassy Key the day after Hurricane Wilma passed by the Keys, is the most beautiful image for me to present to the viewer. Theoretically, the particles of broken glass fit perfectly into my work with particle materials. Visually, it looks as if the beautiful water of the Keys has been frozen into jewels. It creates for the viewer a connection with Nature through recycled glass, a connection to the Science of Nature through particles of material. The process of Nature redefining the man-made and my further acceptance and use of the transformed material is like an alchemical collaboration between art and science.

Installing this art as I found it and creating the small sculptures now found in Frangipani Gallery is a way of sharing my experience (as one caretaker of our environment) with a broad audience; to inspire them to keep our environment safe and clean, sharing a positive message about beauty that can be gained from the aesthetic experience of appreciating a recycled material as art, as well as giving examples of how we can recycle and reuse discards in creative ways.