Nature Painting - Seven Mile Bridge Project - 3- a part of the FKCA and Anne McKee artist's grants

3 rescaled 09

48.0" x 24.0"
East Martello Installation
Mixed media on Paper

I am very pleased with the results of my project. The paintings and sculptures are placed in an elegant museum venue where the work will be seen for four full months. The first viewers (from England) to see the pieces during installation, quickly, positively complimented the work and wanted more information. Throughout the installation, I and Norman Aberle talked about the work with viewers. Everyone who has seen the paintings and sculptures likes them very much. One viewer was very pleased that the paintings do not look like the usual 'giclee' imagery. All viewers I have heard from are exceptionally pleased that the East Martello venue, in its material antiquity and with its historical background, compliments the work so well. Liz Young said this exhibition should be in the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Of course, I agree. Andrea Comstock thinks it is a good parallel companion exhibition for Norman Aberle's new project at the Custom House Museum that pertains to the old bridges and railroad.
As for myself as the artist, seeing the beautiful details found in the photographs of the bridge imagery made it more exciting for me to paint on them. I was able to paint the sculptural details that would recover and emphasize the oxidized material that is on the bridge without losing imagery that I want the viewer to see. Completing these paintings has been a fulfilling experience and inspires me to continue 'paintings with Nature'. It was suggested by two viewers that I go to Alcatraz to create a series of paintings from the surfaces found on walls there. It would be fantastic to do so!